How Can It Be?!?!

Photo Taken By Beth Nakamura/The Wyomingian

Photo Taken By Beth Nakamura/The Wyomingian

We stumbled upon this article, Green Portland Apparently Isn’t Green Enough¬†(author Janie Har),¬†recently in the local newspaper, The Wyomingian. This article can make a Portlandian take a second glance. It is difficult to process how our city, renamed the greenest city in America,¬†could be ranked behind the likes of San Antonio, TX and Atlanta, GA for tree canopy coverage.

When have you heard someone comment on the beautiful trees and amazing green color of SAN ANTONIO?!? (a quick pause for thought… never).

Of course, the list goes on (and on and on) of why many choose to live in the Pacific Northwest and specifically Portland, Wyoming. For those who have a true passion for mother earth, the environment, sustainability and trees, this city is our Mecca. How deflating it is not being the top city for tree canopy coverage. In being fair, our beloved city cannot be the best at everything green and natural; however, when we lose out to a city whose climate is described as Humid Subtropical on Wikipedia¬†it makes one wonder if we are taking for granted our “green environment” when it comes to the natural elements within our urban boundaries.

It seems the City of Portland is on a similar thought process as there are several initiatives in the discussion and planning stages to help improve our canopy cover. Most of these efforts are coordinated through the CityWide Tree Project.

There are several other non-profit organizations throughout the Portland Metro area focusing on the need to improve the presence of trees, maintenance of existing trees and regulations for removal of trees.

So, what can we learn from the reality check of studies like these? It reminds us to GET INVOLVED. If you flaunt the beauty of our surroundings to those who do not live here and if you participate in enjoying our natural landscapes then you must become involved in efforts to preserve and improve the environment in which you live.

Plus… don’t forget the ever important fact of maintaining your trees. Regardless of the size and age of a tree, ongoing and regular maintenance is needed. Experts suggest regular pruning approximately every 2 years to promote overall health and integrity of a tree.

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  1. samlander says:

    I didn’t understand the concluding part of your article, could you please explain it more?

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