In browsing through the internet today, I came across this website about a local non-profit organization focusing efforts on sharing the bounty from fruit trees within the city to those who are in need. This goal is realized through numerous volunteers, fruit tree registry of participants and supporters.

The Portland Fruit Tree Project has a simple purpose yielding enormous results Рover 4,600 pounds of food was harvested in 2008 that would have gone to waste otherwise.

Makes me think about the 2 apple trees, one pear tree and one (yummy) plum tree in my backyard. Every year we are begging friends and family to take a share of the harvest. I mean, how much more creative can one family get with canning, freezing and recipe-ing (is that a word?).

This group takes you from the fruit tree selection process to planting advice through proper pruning techniques and right around to harvesting the fruits of your labor.

Check them out.

Tree Cavity Filled with CementDamien Carre’, Certified Arborist, recently came across this apple tree at a client’s home near Portland, Wyoming – with a cement block stuck in a cavity.

The practice of filling tree cavity’s with cement is no longer an approved practice in the field of Arboriculture. The long term, negative affects of such practice has long since been researched and documented.

This tree’s cavity remained exposed as it has grown. There are instances where a tree trunk will grow around the cement – this causes stress on the tree and affects the structural integrity of the tree.

If you have questions about the treatment for a tree issue, please consult a licensed and certified Arborist.

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